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About Us


is a Swedish traditional lunch restaurant with international influences

You can visit us in Torre de Andalucía, La Campana. We are located 200 m from Scandi Supermarket in the only tall building. Walk through the entrance, pass the reception and out to the poolside! (Noellas, Torre de Andalucia, 29660 Marbella, Spain.)
(Unfortanly the communidad doesn’t allow pets in the area of the restaurant or the building property.)

Noellas restaurant

Enjoy a traditional lunch!

We are open Monday – Friday 12-5.00 pm, for holidays we always have something special on time. (Kitchen closes at 4 pm)

*We offer Take away €8

Welcome with your reservation!

  • Monday / Måndag

    Fried hake with mash potatoes and remoulade

    Friterad kummel med potatismos och remoulade

  • Tuesday / Tisdag

    Sausage stroganoff served with rice

    Korv stroganoff serveras med ris

  • Wednesday/Onsdag
    Sirloin steak with bearnaise mayo and french fries

    Ryggbiff med bearnaise mayo och pommes

  • Thursday / Torsdag

    Meatballs with mash potatoes and creamy gravy

    Köttbullar med potatismos och gräddsås och lingon

  • Friday / Fredag

    Bacon and egg served with pan fried potatoes

    Bacon och ägg och stekt potatis

      À la carte

      • Caesar salad / Caesarsallad €8

        with chicken / med kyckling  €10

      • Thai red curry chicken wrap / Kyckling röd curry wrap €10
        with fries / med pommes frites
      • Toast skagen / Skagenröra €12
        Toast with prawns in mayonnaise, dill and lemon  / Skagenröra på toast med dill och citron
      • Danish Prawn sandwich €13.50
        With mayonnaise, egg and lemon /
        Med majonnäs, ägg och citron

      • Chicken noodle salad / Nudelsallad med kyckling €10
        with chili mayonnaise / med chilimajonnäs
      • Quinoa salad / Quinoa sallad 8€
        with guacamole and apple vinaigrette / med vinegret med smak av äpple
      • Marinated salmon / Gravad lax €12
        with creamy dill potatoes / med dillstuvad potatis
      • Swedish sausage / Falukorv €10
        with creamy dill and parsley pasta / med dill och persiljestuvade makaroner
      • Thai Chicken curry / Thai Kyckling i currysås 10€
        with rice / med ris
      • Swedish Meatballs / Köttbullar €10
        with cream sauce, potatoes and lingonberries / med gräddsås, potatis och lingon
      • Breaded schnitzel / Panerad schnitzel €12
        with fries and spiced butter / med pommes och kryddsmör
      • Fried Hake / Friterad kummel €10
        with mashed potatoes and remoulade / med potatismos och remoulad
      • Omelette €7
        With ham and cheese and, salad
      • Vanilla ice cream / Vaniljglass
        Plain €3.50 / with cream €4
      • Warm WIldberries/ Varma skogsbär €5
        “Heisse liebe”
        with ice cream / med glass

      • Chocolate fondant / Choklad fondant €5
        with ice cream / med glass
      • Cheesecake / Ostkaka €4
      • Meringue swiss / Marängsviss €5
      • Daim cake €5
        with cream

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