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Rules of delivery:
Free delivery
Marbella – San Pedro
Place your order before 10 am to ensure it will be delivered!
We deliver your food to your workplace between 11 am – 2 pm

Main dishes

Meatballs 5€
Meatballs with mashed potatoes and cream sauce

Fish n Mash 5€
Fried hake with mashed potatoes and remoulade sauce

Chicken Curry 5€
Chicken in yellow curry sauce served with rice

Pasta Carbonara flavored with truffle 5€
Pasta with cream, bacon, parmesan, and truffle

Schnitzel 5€
Schnitzel served with pan-fried potatoes and spiced butter

Dish of the day 5€
check out our weekly menu 5€

Quinoa and beetroot croquettes with guacamole 5€
Choose between mashed potatoes, french fries or rice

Noella’s hamburger 7€
with salad leaves, tomato sauce & french fries


Tuna 5€
Tuna spiced with kimchi, mayonnaise, red onion, apple, mixed salad, salt and pepper

Thai Chicken 5€
Chicken, spinach leaf, red curry mayo, and apple

Marinated Salmon 5€
Marinated salmon, mixed salas, mustard sauce, red onion, cream cheese, and lemon

Skagen 5€
Skagen mix of shrimp in mayonnaise with dill, mixed salad, roasted onion and red onion


(Create your own! Choose a salad and a protein)


1.Quinoa salad 5€
Quinoa, mixed salad, red pepper, cucumber, guacamole, green beans & apple vinaigrette

2.Pasta salad 5€
Pasta, mixed salad, tomato, cucumber  & honey ginger vinaigrette

3.Noodle salad 5€
Noodles, mixed salad pad thai sauce, soja, cucumber, pepper & chili mayonnaise

4. Cesar’s salad 5€ 
Chicken, Salmon or Tofu


1.Chicken 1,5€
chicken, oven-baked

2.Salmon 1,5€
sliced salmon fried in teriyaki and sesame seeds

3.Tofu 1,5€
Fried in Maizena flour and sesame seeds (includes also hummus)


Strawberry & Banana 4€
1.Strawberry, banana, red berries, greek yogurt, apple juice

2.Mango & Pineapple 4€
Mango, pineapple, greek yogurt, coconut juice

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